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The following is an approximate guide for prices in the forseeable future:

A4 - From 50

A3 - From 70

As some images will require more time and detail than others, the price would be raised accordingly. In the same manner, if there is more than one commission requested at a time, an appropriate deal can be offered.

Postage and packaging will start from 4.00, based on the size of the package and the method of postage.

At the moment, please contact me by e-mail with your request and the image you wish me to draw and I will provide an official quote. Please note that you can pay by Paypal if you wish. I am to complete a request within a month, but can negotiate a sooner date if required.

I am not currently offering these images with frames. I feel that the choice of frame is better made by the eventual recipient of the image so that it may fit with their local decor.

Antacid Images, 2013